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Founding of the Weiherhoelz Solexclub

The green Velosolex Type 1700 was made in Paris in 1959. (to the right)
In 2020 it would be lovingly restored by Beni Giesler, Felix Knöpfli and Andreas Müller.
During the total restoration, the joy of the Velosolex increased. 
After a short time, this resulted in the decision to found a Solex club.
The Weiherhoelzer Solexclub from Oberaach.
Since spring 2022, the Solexclub has already had 20 members. to be able to count.


The Velosolex

The Vélosolex is a moped that was developed by Marcel Mennesson around 1940 at the French carburetor manufacturer Solex.
The vehicle has a large fan base and was built in several models around six million times. The reason for its success is its simplicity and robustness. Due to its low fuel consumption of only 1.4 liters of 98 petrol two-stroke oil over approx. 100 km and the low weight of around 25 kg. it became an alternative to the much more expensive mopeds of the time.

The drive is provided by a 49cc two-stroke engine which drives a roller that has direct contact with the front tire. This accelerates the Solex to approx. 27 km/h with an output of just 0.7 hp.

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